9 Red Roses Box

– A new style to express your Love with Bold and Rich Flower Box.
– Order to be placed 1 Day before delivery date.
– Delivering at both daytime and midnight.
– Color of Roses are subject to availability

 Red Roses


 Red Roses


9 Red Roses Box with Lid

Content of 9 Red Roses Box with Lid

1) 9 Red Roses
2) Wooden Box with Lid

Description of Flower Tray (9 Red Roses with Lid)

Midnightcake is glad to present the brand new segment in bouquet, Flower Boxes with Lid. The rich and bold Red Roses arranged beautifully in a wooden box is a perfect surprise you can send to your loved ones. The lovely look of red roses arranged beautifully while opening the lid will surely make your loved ones blush with happiness on their face. Order this amazingly beautiful Flower Box from the new segment of Midnightcake’s Flower Boutique.


Book 1 Day in advance

Age Group

Upto 19 years

Gender Applicability

Male and Female both

Flower Care

This box consists of real flowers. For longer life it needs more moisture. Keep the lid closed in moist atmosphere for more life. This will increase the life of flowers and keep them fresh. For same day online flower delivery, contact our helpline.


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Online Flower Delivery

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If necessary we might have to replace or change the flowers.